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Shift-left Security

The security industry is constantly evolving. This is very much evident from the earnest efforts taken by the security teams in the enterprises on shift-left activities in securing their products. Especially, increased importance is given to Threat Modeling by security professionals. There is a plethora of resources which talk about what, why, when, where and how of this particular activity. Numerous Threat Modeling approaches exist today that can be applied for various types of outcomes. Additionally, new techniques and tools are emerging to perform Threat modeling for different scenarios.

The Perpetual struggle

Enterprises and security professionals could leverage from a wide variety of…

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“Trust, but Verify” a popular quote that was frequently used by the former American President, Ronald Reagan when discussing U.S. relations with the Soviet Union. Trust is such a valuable factor in any ongoing relationship and is even more important when it comes to establishing the identity itself that is seen as a fundamental aspect to begin and develop any relationship. Identity cannot be easily proved without the sharing of personal data by the parties involved but doing so might lead to compromising the user’s privacy. The advent of technologies solves this underlying security problem by enabling trust when establishing…

One of the lovely things that excites a child is playing with the bubbles. The limitless fun and joy that children experience is quite entertaining and are memorable too. One such picture is what we see here with many beautiful bubbles, formed by the right mix of soap and water. I thought this photo is a good way to resonate and understand the impact of the disruptive effect of Machine Learning on Information Security. How is this picture analogous to the topic that we have? Well, let us see how. We all know how Machine learning has been disrupting every…

Arun Prabhakar

Arun is a DevSecOps consultant with a strong interest in Product security and Security Data Science.

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